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What to Do if Charged With a Criminal Offence

Being charged with a criminal offence does not automatically mean you are going to jail or that your life is ruined. There are many things that need to occur prior to receiving a guilty sentence from the courts and one of them is having the chance to defend yourself. Here are 5 things you should do if you are charged with a criminal offence.

Take It Seriously

Regardless of if you are innocent of all charges or guilty, you need to take a criminal charge seriously. It is not like a parking ticket, if you ignore a criminal charge it won’t simply pop back up in your life as a nuisance later on. Take it seriously from the very beginning.

Do Not Incriminate Yourself

Sometimes trying to prove your innocence can be to your own detriment. There are processes and procedures that a must be followed in order to prove you are innocent of the crime you are charged with. Attempting to tell your side of the story can often lead to more problems for you as the process goes on.

Hire a Competent Lawyer

This is your life you are gambling with, don’t simply hire a lawyer because they are cheap and available. Do your own due diligence and hire a competent lawyer who can assist you through this difficult time and ensure that you do not receive an unjust sentence. Your criminal defence lawyer will be able to guide you through the criminal justice system, answer your many questions, negotiate on your behalf and help bring upon a fair verdict.

Stay Away From Social Media

Although you may be tempted to scream from the social media rooftops that you are innocent and were falsely accused, it’s best to avoid posting anything that pertains to your case to any social media accounts. Nothing on the internet is private, even if you think it might be. Do nothing that can incriminate you or weaken your defence through your social media channels.

Don’t Panic

Although being charged with a criminal offence is a very big deal, it’s best to try to keep your cool. You may be in for a long haul of trials ahead. Not allowing yourself to panic and trusting your defence lawyer to help you safely through the process will help present you in a professional light as opposed to agitated and possibly “questionable”.

Being charged with a criminal offence can be an unnerving experience for anyone. Remember to follow these 5 steps and help yourself complete the process with minimal stress.


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