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Reasons to hire a DUI Attorney

Besides a familiarity with case law a DUI Attorney brings extensive trial experience to your side of the proceedings.

Refusing to consider hiring an experienced DUI Attorney because of the cost can be a costly mistake. Accepting the court appointed lawyer who may not have much experience with DUI case law will not result in the lowest fines or jail time. And in most cases you will still be required to pay the court appointed lawyers fees.

A competent DUI Attorney will know what facts to bring out in the testimony of witness or law enforcement officers and when to challenge that testimony. They will know what evidence may be available to help you win your case and file the necessary motions. They will be able to work with witnesses testifying on your behalf and to judge the value of each. An experienced DUI Attorney will also have access to expert witnesses to refute the accuracy of blood or urine test results.

Many experienced DUI Attorneys are familiar with the lack of reliability of most field sobriety tests and know the best ways to present this evidence in court. They will also be knowledgeable on the various breathalyzers in use and their accuracy. Breathalyzers also require legal certification and maintenance records, your Attorney will know where to find that information and how to use it in court.

Also facts such as whether or not you handled certain types of chemicals or took over the counter cold medicine prior to your arrest can have an effect on the breathalyzer results.

Even if you do not want to go to trial a DUI Attorney will help in bringing about a speedy end to the situation and the least amount of fines or jail time possible.

The best reason to hire an experienced DUI Attorney is so that you wont have any regrets afterwards. Many people walk out of the court room afterwards saying they should have hired a lawyer to protect their rights.

Don’t make that mistake.

These and many more reasons to hire an experience DUI Attorney can be found at The Massachusetts DUI Attorney Information Website.