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DUI: Just Say No!

It can be fun to spend the evening hanging out with your friends having a few drinks. Maybe your fun filled evening includes visiting a variety of night clubs or even going to a concert. However, before you head out for your evening of fun there is one issue that has to be addressed by everyone. That is the issue of who will be responsible for driving you back home after a night of fun. Driving drunk isn't safe, and it is definitely something that comes with some very long term effects.

If everyone in your group plans to drive for the evening, then you need to have a designated driver who can pick you up at the end of the night. Otherwise you need to plan on staying at a nearby hotel. If public transportation is an option you want to be careful because you can be charged with public intoxication if things get out of hand. You might be able to use a taxi service to get to and from the events.

Under no circumstances should you drive after having a couple of drinks. You need to do your friends a favor and not allow them to do so either. The risk of getting a DUI is just too great. This will mean a huge fine, community service, and losing your driver's license for a period of time that varies by state. This is under a best case scenario.

When you drive under the influence of alcohol your perception is altered. You have a very high risk of being involved in a traffic accident. You could seriously injure or kill yourself, others in your vehicle, and innocent people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You should never get into a vehicle with anyone who has been drinking. Do all you can to stop them from getting into the vehicle but don't let them persuade you to join them if they can't be stopped. If you think someone who is driving out there is under the influence of alcohol get a vehicle description and a license plate number. Call the state patrol and they can come investigate for you.

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