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Can Withholding Child Visitation Land You In Jail?

Withholding child visitation is one of the worst things that you can do because it can land you in jail.  However, you need to understand what you are doing or what is going on when the visitation is withheld.  Someone who has done this needs to know what the consequences are, and you have to know how to approach a lawyer and explain what is happening.  You could have a good reason, but you cannot do all these things on your own because that is dangerous and could land you in jail.

  1. Check Out Father's Rights

Father's Rights is a place where you can go to learn a lot of different things about your case.  There are women who withhold visitation for no reason at all, and they should be held to account.  However, you cannot just call the police because that does not do anything for you.  You need to know your rights when you start to explain what is going on, and you need to have this information in case you run into trouble trying to withhold visitation for what you think is a good reason.

  1. Physical Abuse

You could still be thrown in jail for withholding visitation even if you suspect that there is physical abuse going on.  There is no reason at all for you to believe this unless you have seen the evidence, but you need to go to a doctor, the police, or your lawyer to talk about this.  You do not just make up your mind because there is a court order that makes it such that you have to do what it says.  Someone who has these concerns has to voice them instead of just doing things on their own.

  1. The Police Can Take You Right There

Your ex could contact the police, and the police can arrest you when they come over because they can obtain the court order in just a couple seconds.  You need to be sure that you have figured out what you want to say when you have problems, or you should call the police when you have consulted with your lawyer first.  There are many lawyers who can handle this, and you need to have someone who speaks in legalese to help you.

  1. Change Your Visitation

You might need to have your visitation changed, and you will find that you could pretty easily get that changed especially if you think that your ex is withholding.  You need to document the things that have happened, and you also need to use this time to consider how you want to relate with this person because they are engaging in some sort of emotional abuse that is not fair to you or your child.

There are many people who will find that they can completely change the way that they handle visitation when realize that they have rights.  All fathers should figure out what their rights are so that they can take action on their next incident that involves withholding of their rights.